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I’m a product designer with 10 years of experience building products at early stage companies including Niantic, Magento, and Fourth Wall Studios (Emmy Award for redefining digital storytelling). I provide value by being able to clearly speak to an initiative and how it fits into a company’s overall strategy while still having an eye for detail work. I’m technically proficient, understand the capabilities and limitations of current frameworks, and enjoy bringing engineers into the process. But above all I love leading and mentoring other designers.

What I’ve done

I’m currently consulting with startups around the bay area. This has included designing a growth focused feature for Hipcamp, participating in a design sprint with Hacking for Defense and prototyping a dashboard environment for military intelligence analysts, and digitizing a ‘90s strategy cardgame for play on tablets.

Before arriving in the Bay Area I spent the majority of the last 10 years redefining digital storytelling by designing transmedia experiences and a multi-screen entertainment platform. I was first design hire at two startups helping build design culture, a design department at one, and learned an immense amount about driving initiatives and communicating value to executives.

What I’ll do next

I’m looking for a leadership role that allows me to mentor designers and contribute to a growing design culture while still being hands on. I want to join a team that makes decisions based on data, believes design is an important contributor to defining strategy, and values learning through experiments.

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